Warning Notice - Conecto

During the course of extensive checking of the bolts on the hardware products “Conecto”, “Conecto Small” and “Conecto Swivel” by EDELRID, it was ascertained that:


  • many of the bolts were not inspected yearly,

  • some of the bolts were damaged (the only way to detect if the bolt is damaged is by checking the torque),

  • some of the bolts had been replaced by users with bolts that did not have the required strength class.

conecto small




Conecto Swivel

Conecto Small





Conecto Swivel


The bolts in question are safety-relevant components that are made of a special high-strength steel alloy. Using bolts of an inferior strength, reduces the strength of the whole product. In addition, all bolts should be tightened to the required torque and regularly inspected. Disregarding the instructions for usage and the rules listed below can cause the entire device to fail. This may result in serious injury or death.


In view of these findings, EDELRID calls upon all users of the hardware products “Conecto”, “Conecto Small”, “Conecto Swivel” and the systems listed below to withdraw them from use immediately. EDELRID is supplying all customers with replacement bolts, free of charge. To ensure unambiguous identification, these replacement bolts have a black coating. Once the silver bolts have been replaced with black bolts according to the Replacement manual the products may be used again.


Please understand that EDELRID cannot assume liability for possible damages related to the continued use of silver bolts or other bolts.


As well as being sold individually, the products “Conecto” and “Conecto Swivel” also form part of the following systems:


In order to ensure transparency and unambiguous identification on the market, the bolts in unused products or products still in their original packaging must also be replaced.


Please use the enclosed request form  to order the new black bolts (incl. nuts and, if applicable, screw plugs). We will do our best to send the bolts out as quickly as possible after receipt of your request.


Please fill in the request form and send it by
e-mail to: service@edelrid.de or by fax to: +49 7562 – 981 100.


We ask for your understanding that orders of bolts cannot be sent out unless we have received a signed request form.

If you have any questions, please contact us on: +49 7562 – 981 270.


We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers and make the safety of our products our primary objective.

November 18th, 2013