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Current Catalog (PDF): Catalog Indoor Climbing 2016

Climbing on artificial climbing structures has evolved significantly in recent years. Climbing and bouldering gyms have evolved from an indispensable training tool, a means to an end during the cold winter months, to a separate sport with its own distinct audience. More and more climbers can be found, not only in areas without closeby natural rock climbing, who are climbing exclusively on artificial climbing walls where they can avoid the potential risks of rock climbing outside. Standardised bolt spacing, defined hold material, regular route changing, clearly defined and recognisable routes provide consumer-friendly fun.

New Demands for Climbing Gyms

The demands made by both the public, constructors and operators of climbing walls on the materials are specific and often very different to climbing outside, and one crucial difference is that personal gear is no longer being used to protect routes. Instead fixed running belays and top anchors are used by everyone, which of course significantly increase the usage stress on every element in a quickdraw. Until now, products developed for rock and alpine climbing have been used to equip climbing gyms. Edelrid has recognised the problem and is the first manufacturer to meet the specific requirements of a climbing gym, developing userfriendly and low-wear products with exceptionally high safety reserves.

The starting point is the fitting of the fixed running belays and the top anchor station. With the proximity and possibility of routes overlapping each other it was very important to have constructive solutions to minimize and make any wear visible at the same time preventing possible product misuse. Although the use of steel carabiners as a tougher more abrasion resistant solution to aluminium carabiners is common, it often leads to increased wear on the wall itself. Approaches to address such problems run through the entire climbing gym collection, for example plastic elements as impact protection on the carabiner as well as spacers to increase the gap between carabiner and climbing wall and wear indicators have been used to highlight and show when replacement is necessary.

Innovative Solutions for Indoor Climbing Gyms

Solutions to facilitate rental equipment management and minimize wear have also been integrated into personal equipment used by the climber such as harnesses, rope and shoes. As with rock climbing, our focus with the gym specific equipment is safety in use, user friendliness and durability, and at the same time a 100% fulfillment of product requirements for climbing gyms.

Catalog for indoor climbing gym products from EDELRID

Current Catalog (PDF):

Catalog Indoor Climbing 2016


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