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Technical lines that move... both physically and emotionally. Our products are all about movement. It’s movement that drives both people and machinery forward, that brings new ideas and acceleration. “Movement begins in the head”... the head is where ideas, innovation and motivation take shape, but the motor is the heart. Our heart is the people who work at EDELRID. It’s their expertise and long-standing experience, constantly interacting with our customers that drive us forward. Responding to the challenges and demands of our customers and partners, we motivate each other, pursue common objectives and advance together. This is progress in action.

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EDELRID GmbH & Co. has a long and rich history. The company was founded in 1863 by Julius Edelmann and Carl Ridder and continues to combine tradition with innovation today. EDELRID’s expertise is based on long-standing experience, honed by constant technical innovation. Our desire to remain at the cutting edge drives our dynamic approach. Originally founded as a rope manufacturer in Berlin in 1880, its first braided textile products were fishing lines. A long journey then followed before EDELRID pioneered the kernmantel rope in 1953. The kernmantel construction is used and valued by climbers and mountaineers to this day.

From this solid ropemaking foundation, the company then developed three areas of business: Sports, Safety and Industry. In the climbing and mountaineering sector, EDELRID is a long-standing manufacturer of specialist technical equipment and is an internationally-established innovative brand. Safety has also considerably benefited from innovations in the Sport sector. The Safety product range is designed specifically to ensure reliable protection and comfort in the industrial rope access industry and safe work positioning at height or areas of difficult access.

The Industry division is primarily geared towards companies looking for a strong partner to supply braided textile products for industrial applications. This ranges from paraglider and parachute lines to technical lines for the automotive supplies industry. EDELRID’s high-quality materials and manufacturing processes also serve a wider range of applications as pull cables in drive mechanisms, such as automatic doors and high-speed doors. Our many years of experience enable us to deliver tailor-made solutions with specialist material mixes.

At our ropeworks in Allgäu, South Germany, we apply rigorous quality and safety standards to produce innovative, ecologically responsible and high-quality products. EDELRID has been following this maxim for nearly 150 years. We are committed to safe technologies, a sustainable use of resources and active consumer protection. We want to continue to build faith in the future and see this course as something demanded by the times we live in. We will continue to focus on innovation, sustainability and the highest possible quality and functionality combined with sustainable production and environmental responsibility “Made in Germany”.