The high-end model among our unsheathed aramid lines. The additional UV Protec coating ensures enhanced performance. The models in this line have largely the same construction as our Magix lines, but they have an additional UV coating, which filters out harmful UV light. This protective coating increases the durability and resistance of the lines and minimizes any loss of strength through exposure to UV radiation. As a result, the lines maintain optimal performance for longer. An additional benefit, which is particularly useful in paragliding, is the wide range of colours available. Different colours make it easier to distinguish between different line sets.

  • very good spliceability
  • Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
  • UV Protec coating for extra UV protection and superior resistance to water and dirt
  • minimal elongation
  • minimal shrinkage (max. 0.2%)
  • outstanding resilience
  • good kink resistance & flexural strength

Please note:
The following Magix and Magix Pro lines have identical manufacturing and construction parameters.


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