Edelrid Partner

German Alpine Club (DAV)

Deutscher AlpenvereinDAV ExpedkaderDAV Nationalmannschaft

German Alpine Club (DAV)

EDELRID is the official supplier of technical equipment for all of the German Alpine Club’s teams of instructors and climbing squads, as well as the DAV expedition teams.

Founded in 1869, the German Alpine Club is an independent mountain sports and nature conservation organisation. It has almost a million members in 350 legally independent regional divisions. It promotes public interest and brings together people from different generations, social and cultural backgrounds.

Members of the German Alpine Club share a passion for mountains. The club’s central tenets are freedom, respect and responsibility. Members are free to choose which mountain sports they undertake, and free to accept the risks these may pose. There are however limits to this freedom. It must also show respect and responsibility towards other people and the environment.





Climbers Against Cancer Official Partner

Climbers Against Cancer

"The World Climbing Championships in Bercy, Paris was where the idea for CAC was born. I sat amongst some very good friends from around the globe, climbers, coaches, officials, route setters. They were all there, from every nation, with differing backgrounds, different cultures, various languages and yet everyone was a friend. Supporting each other regardless of their nationality, cheering loudly as a route was flashed or a boulder was topped. Almost like a huge extended family, we had all come together under one banner and to support the sport we love! Climbing is a special sport. Like no other! It was in this moment I knew we had so much to offer as a group of friends. This is when CAC came to life!" - John Ellison

The goals of Climbers Against Cancer are not only to raise funds to help fight cancer by supporting research but also, just as important, to raise awareness of the disease and highlight the problems that not only the cancer sufferers go through, but also their families and friends.

EDELRID ist stolz offizieller Partner von Climbers Against Cancer zu sein.


Diamir Fritschi Bindings


A Diamir binding is like a complex clock mechanism and similarly, at our headquarters in Reichenbach in the Bernese Oberland the components are efficiently assembled by skilled hands, part by part, to create a high-quality product. Before the bindings leave the assembly hall, each and every one is meticulously tested for safety and function with specially designed test equipment. All components are made in Switzerland of high-tech synthetic materials and top-of-the-line light metals by our specialized suppliers using innovative material processing and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Since the products are exposed to extreme conditions in practical use, our quality and sustainability standards are exceptionally stringent. Diamir bindings are in compliance with DIN ISO standards. The bindings as well as the entire manufacturing process have been examined and certified by the Technical Standards Board (TÜV).




“Organics with love” – this statement is not just an advertising slogan printed on the labels of Rapunzel products or used in our literature. It is our company motto and our leading principle. This simple slogan expresses our strong conviction that there is more to the production of healthy, environmentally and socially sustainable food than certified organic cultivation.


Mountaineering & Canyoning Schools



The directors of VIVALPIN mountaineering and ski school, Christof Shellhammer and Wolfgang Pohl, have over 30 years’ mountain experience throughout the world, both in winter and summer...

Based in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, VIVALPIN, founded in 1985, has since built up a reputation as one of the most prestigious specialist tour operators for mountain and ski sports.


Alpine Welten

Alpine Welten

It’s good to know you are in safe hands. Alpine Welten’s guides have years of experience, undergone rigorous training and possess a raft of further qualifications. What’s more, their hearts are in the right place.




What sets the guides at Bergfühlung mountaineering school apart is their thorough training, additional professional qualifications, excellent social skills and overwhelming enthusiasm.


Faszinatour Logo


Nature fascinates us, invigorates us and connects us. Whether white water rafting or outdoor leadership skills – adventures in nature bond us, are fun and boost performance. Something clicks between your body and mind. Heart and soul. Suddenly, fun becomes passion and adventures become experiences that will remain with you long after you are back at home. This is what Faszinatour is all about and it has been the key to our success for 25 years.


Bergschule Immenstadt

Immenstadt Mountaineering School

Helping to achieve goals and enjoy valuable experiences, with safety always top priority. Your safety is one of the most important aspects of any course or guided tour. With my qualifications as a state-certified mountain and ski guide, I am constantly striving to keep risks in the mountains to an absolute minimum.


Bergwelt Alpinschule Oberstaufen

Bergwelt Oberstaufen

Bergwelt Oberstaufen offers a wide range of events and camps. We have been an EDELRID partner for many years. In all our activities, safety and quality are given highest priority. And we are constantly upgrading our training to make sure that all our guides have fully up-to-date skills.


Blue Mountain Spirit

Blue Mountain Spirit

Blue Mountain Spirit is passionate about mountains and mountain adventures. As the legendary mountain guide Anderl Heckmair once said, it is not all about sporting performance and an ethos of “higher, faster, further”, but helping our guests and clients to enjoy the best possible mountain experiences.


Bergsteigerschule Zugspitze

Bergsteigerschule Zugspitze

As a reliable partner, we would like to offer you the best possible service and share with you our passion for the mountains. We would be delighted to show you the beauty of mountains and the adventures that can be had. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in our office at the Alpspitzbahn cable car.


Pure Elements


purelements® offers premium canyoning tours in the Allgäu and all over Europe. Let us take you in the extraordinary natural experience „canyoning“. We pay particular attention to safety on every activity! The especially developed safety standards and our very small group sizes allow optimal care and a high quality activity.

Canyoning in summer, the snow sports school and ice canyoning in winter and our Adventure & Active travels in Europe and worldwide take you to fascinating and hidden places. Discover yourself!


Indoor climbing walls


DAV Kletterzentrum Darmstadt

The Darmstadt climbing centre has everything you need for general climbing and performance climbing. The generously proportioned indoor wall covers an area of 1,400 m2. It provides a good range of options for beginners and ambitious sport climbers alike. There are roughly 100 routes from grade III to XI (UIAA). The walls are up to 17 metres high. In addition, there is also a large bouldering area.


SSB Kletterzentrum Dresden

SBB Kletterzentrum Dresden

The SBB climbing centre in Dresden was founded over 100 years ago and we continue to work for future of climbing in Saxon Switzerland. With over 10,000 members we are not just a climbing club, but a broad mix of keen climbers who also travel to the middle and high ranges of the world, whether with trekking poles or skis. And always with a great passion for adventure and a keen desire to return home.


Kletterwelt Neu-Ulm

Kletterwelt Neu-Ulm

The DAV Kletterwelt (climbing world) in Neu-Ulm is the biggest climbing wall between Stuttgart and Munich. It climbing area has 2,900 m2 and is 17 metres high – both indoors and outdoors. It also has a 300 m2 bouldering area, a children’s adventure zone and outdoor slacklines.


Sportalm Scheidegg

Kletterhalle Scheidegg

With over 1,000 m2, our indoor climbing wall is one of the largest and best known climbing facilities in Germany. From the overhanging competition wall for performance and ambitious climbers to the structured, rock-like pillars with moderate routes and the beginner’s wall, there really is something for everyone.