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The Edelrid rope book – advice and expertise in a handy format

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Seilfibel von EDELRID

As climbers, our ropes are more than just a means to an end. We trust them with our lives, whether in the mountains or at the local climbing wall. There are as many different types of ropes as there are climbers. At our production facilities in Isny im Allgäu, the EDELRID team is passionate about making climbing ropes. This fascination is what motivates us to produce top-quality ropes, here in Germany. However, to get the best out of your rope, it pays to make sure that you use it properly and look after it carefully. We’ve put together this rope book to share our fascination for ropes and ropemaking and to promote awareness of how to use them properly.

Who’s the rope book aimed at?

This rope book is intended to be a reference tool and source of inspiration for all climbers and mountaineers. In particular, dedicated climbers will find that it provides important information for prolonging the lifespan of their climbing ropes. This rope book is aimed at every climber who wants to know more about how ropes are developed, manufactured and tested – and about the different types of ropes available.

What’s in the rope book?

Im ersten Teil der Seilfibel vermitteln wir in kompakter Form einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen unserer Seilproduktion in Isny. Sie erfahren wie aus der Faser in vielen Schritten das fertige Kletterseil entsteht. Dabei wird auch auf Nachhaltigkeitsthemen und Veredelungen im Zuge der Produktion eingegangen. Die Fibel gibt einen Überblick über alle wichtigen Parameter normierter Tests und erklärt deren Funktion. Im zweiten Teil des Booklets werden die existierenden Seiltypen vorgestellt und deren Anwendungsbereiche und Handhabung erklärt. Die Seilfibel enthält außerdem nützliche Hilfestellungen für die Wahl und den Kauf des richtigen Kletterseils je nach Einsatzbereich. Es werden wichtige Tipps und Tricks für die Seilpflege gegeben und vor allem Gefahren für Bergseile und absolute Tabus im Umgang mit dem Seil dargestellt. In den letzten Kapiteln der Seilfibel präsentieren wir interessante Fakten und Pro Tipps sowie nachhaltige Verwendungen für ausgemusterte Kletterseile.


As climbers, we trust our ropes with our lives. This is why EDELRID guarantees maximum quality and greatest possible care when manufacturing its ropes. Our ropes benefit from over 150 years of expertise, experience and passion. CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY is our credo – we apply it to our ropes to make versatile products that meet and exceed the highest quality standards. We understand how modern climbing ropes have to cope with a wide range of different uses. Our ropes are known for their optimal combination of different characteristics. This does not mean that we make compromises. On the contrary, we are constantly seeking to ensure maximum performance. All our ropes are designed, tested and continuously improved at our production facilities in Allgäu, Germany. Our designers, who are all passionate climbers, work together with professional athletes to produce innovative products that constantly set new standards. Their designs are transformed into reality using carefully selected, high-quality raw materials and rigorous production standards. Quality Made in Germany.