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Climbing harnesses by EDELRID– safe, lightweight and functional

Harnesses for rock climbing

Climbing involves managing risk in safe and sensible manner. Whether seasoned mountaineer or novice climber, a harness connects you to the rope and the rest of the safety chain, making it a vital piece of equipment. It doesn't make a difference what grade you climb at – both beginners and professionals can fall.

Sit harness, chest harness or rather a full-body harness?

When choosing a harness, a correctly fitting harness will not only be more comfortable, but safer too. Choose the right harness for your needs, i.e. depending on what type of climbing you plan to do. For example, a harness that is comfortable for sustained periods hanging in a vertical position might not be the right choice for longer trips in the high mountain ranges. Many climbers have more than one harness, which they then choose from depending on what and where they are climbing. Harnesses with adjustable leg loops guarantee an optimal comfort and secure fit. Our range of full-body harnesses, chest harnesses and sit harnesses mean that we have the right harness for every type of activity, whether sport climbing, mountaineering or via ferrata. We also make women’s harnesses and harnesses for children.

Sit harnesses

Sit harnesses are very popular, as they allow good freedom of movement. Choosing a correctly fitting harness is particularly important. Sit harnesses consist of a waist belt and leg loops connected by a central webbing loop (belay loop). The design allows the rope to be attached as near to the body's centre of gravity as possible.

Chest harnesses

Chest harnesses are used to provide additional stability for the upper body. The chest strap prevents the upper torso from tipping over in the event of a fall, as the centre of gravity is higher. It is recommended that children use a chest harness, as their centre of gravity is higher than an adult. Climbers climbing with a heavy backpack should also consider the additional stability provided by a chest harness.

Full-body harnesses

Full-body harnesses combine the all benefits of sit harness and a chest harness. As such, full-body harnesses provide maximum safety. They also offer additional comfort, as full-body harnesses have greater adjustment. Full-body harnesses are often preferred by novices and less experienced climbers because they are easy to use.

EDELRID Climbing harnesses – quality and experience, made in Germany

As a climbing harness manufacturer, EDELRID has years of experience in designing safe, comfortable and functional climbing equipment. We are an outdoor equipment expert based in Allgäu and manufacture nearly 100 per cent of our products in Germany. Our products conform to the very highest standards. Safety and functionality are the guiding criteria for EDELRID product designers.

You might be interested to know that we also manufacture other climbing equipment, such as climbing helmets, rock shoes, ropes and carabiners. We have everything you need for climbing – whether for kids and adults, leisure use or demanding expeditions.