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Climbing helmets by EDELRID – perfect protection for climbing

Helmets for rock climbing

Safety comes first in climbing. This applies to both climbing outside, indoors at the climbing gym and vie ferrate, high ropes courses and adventure parks. Helmets offer critical protection from falling rock or ice as well as from a blow to the head during a fall. Only a well-designed climbing helmet that fits the head correctly will provide proper protection. EDELRID offers a range of climbing helmets, specifically for women, men and children. They are designed to provide a good fit according to the shape of the head and to ensure optimal protection.

Helmets for all types of climbers from beginner to experienced alpinist

Climbers should wear a helmet, whatever kind of route they might be climbing. Accidents can happen to anyone. This applies equally to experienced climbers who might be on routes they know well or during training at the local crag. In addition, when climbing with a group, more experienced climbers should set a good example to others. Climbing and mountain sports centres insist that participants on climbing courses have a properly fitting helmet.

Climbing helmets from an outdoor equipment manufacturer – the right protection for every discipline

When selecting a climbing helmet it needs to fit properly and be comfortable enough to make you want to wear it. For example, a helmet should allow good ventilation, to ensure that the climber does not sweat unnecessarily at the head. In addition, a helmet should be as light as possible and ideally fit easily into a backpack. EDELRID makes three different types of climbing helmets.

Hardshell helmets

Hardshell helmets have a hard outer shell made of plastic and a flexible internal cradle made of webbing. When hit (e.g. by a stone) the shell and webbing cradle stretch to absorb impact and then return to their original shape. A hardshell has the advantage that even after multiple smaller impacts, the helmet will often still provide a certain level of protection. However hardshell helmets should be replaced on a regular basis.

Softshell helmets

Foam helmets look like cycle helmets, yet they are developed specifically for climbing. They are very light and well ventilated. Foam helmets are made of rigid foam with a thin protective polycarbonate shell. Upon impact the foam buckles progressively, absorbing energy in the process.

Hybrid helmets

A hybrid helmet combines the advantages of a hardshell helmet and a foam helmet. It has a robust plastic shell and a rigid foam inner. This makes hybrid helmets as robust as hardshells, while the foam inner reduces weight and improves comfort.

Why choose an EDELRID helmet?

EDELRID stands for innovative and high-quality climbing equipment that meets the highest safety standards. We are committed to sustainability during both development and production.

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