Welcome to the EDELRID Familiy

EDELRID continues to push forward with their expansion into North America and beginning in 2017 has signed Tommy Caldwell as a full line athlete. Tommy’s endorsement of and promotion of EDELRID’s products will cover the complete climbing product range, including ropes, harnesses, helmets, hardware, and all other climbing related gear. As a 153 year old company who has only begun to make their presence known in North America, this move is an exciting confirmation of things to come.

In 2016, Tommy Caldwell joined the EDELRID Athlete Team, supporting a core product of the company: EDELRID’s climbing ropes. After a year of working directly with the brand, Tommy chose to make the bold move to realign his climbing gear related sponsorships exclusively to EDELRID. 


"I have been spoiled over the years to have the opportunity to work with amazing companies that put their core values before the bottom dollar. I understand that the products I choose to buy and the companies I choose to partner with are a reflection of my values.  A few months ago I made the difficult decision to end my relationship with a brand that I have been with for seventeen years that had provided me with endless inspiration.  The best way to live is with vigor and intention, which has led me to the decision to join EDELRID as a full line athlete.  I believe this company has the ability to change our ideas of how we move around in the mountains. I am partnering with EDELRID because of their innovation and their ability to be nimble, because they hold themselves to the highest environmental and quality standards, and because they are family owned and value based.  These qualities are where I hope the future of climbing lies, and I’m excited to be a part of it", so Tommy.