Edelrid Kids Harness Finn 2019

Specially Adapted To Children's Anatomy

Edelrid Kids Harness Finn 2019

Specially Adapted To Children's Anatomy

A Harness For The Climbing Stars Of The Future

Our Fully-Adjustable Children's Climbing Harness FINN

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Edelrid children climbing harness Finn Icemint


The Finn is a fully-adjustable children's harness for the climbing stars of the future. Produced sustainably and in a resource-conserving manner in accordance with the strict bluesign® system.

Edelrid Zentrierbarer Einbindepunkt
Centerable tie-in point
Edelrid 2 hochfeste Materialschlaufen Icon
2 high-strength gear loops
Edelrid Verstellbare Hüft- & Beinschlaufen Icon
Adjustable hip and leg loops
Edelrid 3D Mesh Polsterung Icon
3D mesh padding
Edelrid Slide Block Schnalle
Slide Block buckle
Edelrid Microsite Zertifizierung Icon
Certification: EN 12277 type C
Edelrid Verstellbare Hüft- & Beinschlaufen Icon
Sizes: XXS/XS
Edelrid Microsite Gewicht Icon
Weight: 240 g/280 g




Why is our children's climbing harness the right one for your child?

The Finn is specially designed to fit a child's anatomy. Using the three Slide Block buckles on the waist belt and leg loops, the harness can be quickly and precisely adjusted for body size. Adjustable padding at the hips allows the tie-in point to be permanently centered at the front. Breathable 3D mesh padding and soft webbing edges offer maximum comfort without pressure points.

The harness also impresses with many practical features, such as the textile abrasion protection on the leg loop bridge, which makes the harness sturdier and more durable, as well as two high-strength gear loops for quickdraws and additional equipment.
For additional safety, the Finn can be combined with the Kermit chest harness to make a complete children's full body harness.

All materials used are certified in accordance with the strict bluesign® system. This is great for the environment and makes the Finn particularly attractive for those customers who value sustainability.
Whether for first indoor climbing attempts or mega-adventures on the rock face―with the Finn the next climbing generation is really well equipped.




Sit harnesses for children

Once children have grown and their hips have started to fill out, they then progress from a children's full-body harness to a children's sit harness, although they also need to have enough body tension. To be on the safe side, you can always combine a children's sit harness with a children's chest harness. Sit harnesses for children can be adjusted to fit as they get older. So they "grow" with their owners, as it were. Our children's sit harnesses have elasticated leg loop attachments to prevent them from twisting.



What is bluesign®?

Our children's climbing harness FINN is produced in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner in accordance with the strict bluesign® system.

The bluesign® system is the strictest environmental standard for the production of textile products. It is independent, internationally recognized and reduces the environmental impact along the entire textile supply chain.

Edelrid zertifiziert bluesign nachhaltig