Jay & Jayne

Allrounder for climbing, mountaineering and via ferrata

Edelrid climbing harness Jay Jayne mobile
Jay & Jayne

Allrounder for climbing, mountaineering and via ferrata

The Ultimate All-rounders

our new harness pair Jay & Jayne

Edelrid Neuheit 2019
Edelrid climbing harness Jay Jayne

No matter whether used for sport, ice or alpine climbing, these two harnesses feel at home in any terrain. Our commitment is to make good products even better, so both harnesses have been redesigned for the 2019 season and are now manufactured using bluesign® certified materials.

Edelrid 3D Mesh Polsterung Icon
3D mesh padding
Edelrid Slide Block Schnalle
Slide block buckle
Edelrid Zentrierbarer Einbindepunkt
Centerable tie in loop
Edelrid Dyneema® Abriebschutz
Dyneema® abrasion protector
Edelrid Microsite Zertifizierung Icon
Certification: EN 12277 Typ C

JAY - quick adjusting harness

Edelrid Jay Blau Grün 2019
Edelrid Microsite Gewicht Icon
Weight: 410 g
Edelrid Durchmesser Icon
Sizes: S / M / L
Edelrid Microsite Farbe Icon
Color: ink blue / green pepper





JAYNE - Aspecially tailored to the female anatomy

Edelrid Jayne Blau Mint 2019
Edelrid Microsite Gewicht Icon
Weight: 400 g
Edelrid Durchmesser Icon
Sizes: XS / S / M / L
Edelrid Microsite Farbe Icon
Color: granita / mint



The newly developed Slide Block buckles on the waist belt and leg loops are more comfortable to open and close. A textile abrasion protector made from an extremely wear-resistant combination of Dyneema®/polyester protects the tie-in point from premature wear and tear.

We have retained the adjustable leg loops and the movable padding at the hips for optimally adjusting and positioning the harness. Four symmetrical gear loops provide ample space for the complete equipment. Two attachment options for ice screw clips and a chalk bag loop complete the overall package perfectly.

Jayne, the women's version of the harness, is specially tailored to the female anatomy. With two available color combinations per model, everyone can find a harness that suits them.




What is the Light Frame Construction?

Harnesses made with a load-bearing edge binding construction are particularly lightweight. The edge binding runs throughout the entire harness, so that it safely carries the load around both the hips and the legs.

Weight is proportionately distributed from the webbing to the padding. Combined with perforated foam and mesh fabrics, it's possible to make extremely lightweight harnesses with exceptional breathability. We mainly use this technology for our ultra-light sport climbing and ski touring harnesses.





1. Slide block buckle // 2. high-strength gear loops

Which harness size is right for me?

Getting the right fit
Snug or baggy? Secure or restrictive? We've looked at how harnesses are made and the requirements for different types of climbing. However, finding a harness that fits well is probably the most important factor. Not only will it hold you securely in a fall, it will also provide day-long comfort. Most harnesses come in a range of sizes. To get the right fit, it's worth taking a note of your measurements:

Waist size, upper thigh and for full-body harnesses, your chest size and torso length.

1. Measurement of thigh circumference // 2. Measurement of waist circumference




How does a perfect harness fit?

Knowing these measurements will mean that you start from the right point when choosing a harness in an outdoor shop. Please note: There are also differences in sizes from different manufacturers. The same as with clothes or footwear, the design or cut of a harness makes a big difference to the fit.

A perfect fitting harness should fit snugly at the waist so that it can't slide down over your hips. Make sure that the gear loops are pointing down to the ground and that the tie-in loop and leg loops are not twisted. Please see the illustrations below for how to put on a harness correctly.

Although most harnesses are designed to be used by both male and female climbers, this often involves a compromise. This is why we make some of our harnesses with a men's specific or a women's specific fit. Our women's harnesses have a more curved waist belt as the angle that the hip bones sit at is different to that of men. In addition, women's legs are slightly larger relative to their waists compared to men, so women's harnesses require different waist-to-leg ratios. Also, the rise – the distance between the legs and waist – of women's waists tends to be longer, so there is more distance between where the leg loops sit and where the waist belt fits, i.e. the tie-in loop is longer .

For maximum comfort while hanging the leg loops and the waist belt should neither be too narrow nor too wide. This is why, if you plan to buy a harness without adjustable legs loops, you should make sure it fits perfectly. Once the leg loops are tight, it should be possible to fit a flat hand between them and your body. The same applies to the waist belt. If it is too slack it will make sitting in the harness and taking or holding a fall uncomfortable.

A good vendor will have somewhere for you to test out harnesses in practice, by sitting and hanging in them.
This is the best way to check that a harness fits properly before you buy it and start climbing in it.



What is behind bluesign®?

Quality and safety are the key factors that have been driving us further since the very beginning. When making responsible and innovative high-performance ropes we also consequently have been following the maxim of sustainability. This is why EDELRID has set new industry benchmarks for sustainable rope production.

We are the first rope manufacturer to adapt our ropes to meet the tough demands of the Swiss bluesign® system. It is the most stringent environmental standard for the production of textile products: independent, internationally recognised and based on the five principles of resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission as well as occupational health & safety.

Our ropes carry the bluesign® product label thanks to their combination of certified source materials and our advanced rope production facilities in Isny. The bluesign® product label is a seal of quality: It guarantees an eco-friendly manufactured product that is low in pollutants and safe for health and the environment. As such, we have responded to the natural demands of our customers for safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Eight years of working together with bluesign technologies ag in Switzerland, allow us to draw on in-depth experience of sustainable rope production. By converting all our rope production to the tough demands of the bluesign® system we were able to make the following efficiencies when dyeing sheath yarns:

  • 62 % CO2 reduction
  • 89 % savings in water
  • 63 % less energy consumption
  • 63 % less chemicals

For EDELRID this represents a further step towards a sustainable future. We have consistently pursued the task of pushing forward sustainable rope production so that we can continue to inspire trust in the future. We do not consider these measures a virtue, but a natural response to demands of the modern world.

We can now confidently say: "Our ropes are eco-friendly"