Prisma Guide

Ultra-light harness for technical mountaineering and ski touring

Extremely light, with a compact pack size, and yet still amazingly comfortable—the PRISMA GUIDE is an adjustable ultra-light harness for technical mountaineering and ski touring. It can be conveniently put on without having to remove your skis or crampons. An impressive six gear loops and various attachment options for ice screw clips offer ample opportunities to carry all the necessary equipment.


Productnumber 74915 // Weight 136, 140, 148 g // Size S, M, L // Certification EN 12277 Typ C



We have decided to go one step further. To let you dive deep into the latest developments, we will take you to our sales meeting. Here Daniel Gebel, Head of Innovations, presented the latest milestones.



Light & comfortable
Light Frame Construction
Slide Block buckle
Extensive features

Demanding alpinists for whom every gram counts will love the PRISMA GUIDE. Despite its low weight of just 140 g (size M), it offers a surprising amount of comfort. This is made possible by the Light Frame construction comprising high-strength Dyneema® straps. These evenly distribute the load across the waist belt and leg loops and provide a wide force distribution without adding bulk.



Harnesses made with a load-bearing edge binding construction are particularly lightweight. The edge binding runs throughout the entire harness, so that it safely carries the load around both the hips and thelegs. Weight is proportionately distributed from the webbing to the padding. Combined with perforated foam and mesh fabrics, it's possible to make extremely lightweight harnesses with exceptional breathability. We mainly use this technology for our ultra-light sport climbing and ski touring harnesses.


Extensive features

Depending on the area of use, the circumference of the elasticated (1) leg loops can be adjusted in two different ways. The leg loops can also be fully opened, meaning they can easily be put on while still wearing crampons or skis. A further highlight of the PRISMA GUIDE is its new (2) tie-in loop. This is made of a combination of Dyneema® on the inside and polyamide on the outside. As a result, it is not only lightweight and abrasion resistant but also impressively flexible, making the harness far more comfortable to wear when walking about.


The PRISMA GUIDE leaves nothing to be desired in equipment terms either. An impressive six (3) gear loops (four of which are sheathed) made from high-strength Dyneema® and various attachment options for (4) ice screw clips offer ample opportunities to carry all the necessary equipment in a well-organized manner.



For a harness to be comfortable and secure the right fit is very important. To find out more about this have a look at our Knowledge Base article.