Smart Belay

The self-belay revolution!

Smart Belay

The self-belay revolution!


Our Smart Belay guarantees both safety and fun!


The self-belay revolution! High-rope courses with conventional self-belay devices still harbor the risk of visitors accidentally disengaging themselves completely from the safety wire. EDELRID has closed this safety loophole with the revolutionary Smart Belay―a system of communicating pulley-carabiners.

Communicating carabiners
Modular Construction System
Pilot Bar
RFID Technology
Intuitive Operation also Suitable for Children’s Hands

When one carabiner is open, the second carabiner recognizes this and blocks―when used correctly―the opening mechanism until the first carabiner is connected and clipped onto the safety wire again. Only then is it possible to reclip the second carabiner. Accidental complete disconnection from the safety wire is therefore practically impossible. The advantage: more safety for the visitor, less risk for the operator. The integrated pulley-carabiners are designed specifically for zip-lines and replace the double pulley. The outstanding ergonomic design of the Smart Belay makes the system extremely child-friendly.

Our unique Pilot Bar minimizes the risk of strangulation and additionally offers a control system when zip-lining or a support during difficult elements of the high-rope course.


1. Unlock // 2. Transfer // 3. Relock

Intuitive operation & ergonomic carabiner design
Pilot Bar prevents strangulation
Overtaking is possible anytime, anywhere, keeping visitor traffic flowing and effectively preventing bottlenecks
Pilot Bar as support during difficult elements of the high-rope course
Even with large visitor numbers, quickest possible evacuation and rescue without specialist equipment
Pilot Bar offers a control system when zip-lining (no hand on the wire)
Smart Belay pulley-carabiners mean converting to a double pulley is not necessary when zip-lining



An integrated RFID transponder allows quick registration and effective administration of the Smart Belays―an invaluable advantage, not just for rental operations. The product's operation cycles and PPE status can be easily monitored. This saves time and money and increases safety in the rental operation.



  • Quick function check before and/or after rental can be independently performed by staff
  • Two-year EDELRID guarantee
  • If necessary, simple maintenance can be carried out quickly and without much effort by staff
  • Inspection after service partner training can be performed independently, or alternatively by EDELRID or partners
  • Endless lifetime since all parts are replaceable



  • Safety-Line in height of 1,6 m – 2,1 m
  • Steel rope diameter of 10 mm – 14 mm
  • Category C or D, depending on high-rope course design (EN 15567 standard)
  • Easy to integrate into existing high-rope course without complex additional installations
  • Great flexibility in design and construction of high-rope course elements and variable levels are possible
  • Pulley-carabiner replaces double pulley on the zip-line