Ropes don't come more eco-friendly than this.

Kletterseil Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8,9 mm Mobilansicht

Ropes don't come more eco-friendly than this.

The world's first PFC free climbing rope

Swift Eco Dry 8,9 mm

Eco Dry Zertifizierung

As an outdoor equipment manufacturer, EDELRID sees it as self-evident that it acts with the greatest possible respect towards the environment. However, pursuing sustainability in a consistent manner is a balancing act. The EDELRID Swift Eco Dry rope represents a further important step towards producing more sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor equipment.

100% PFC-free
Meets the UIAA water-repellent standard
Icon Einfachseil, Halbseil und Zwillingsseil zertifiziert Edelrid
Single, half and twin rope
Icon Durchmesser Kletterseil Edelrid
Diameter: 8.9 mm
Icon Normstürze Kletterseil Edelrid
Number of falls: 7 / 22 / 22
Icon Gewicht Kletterseil Edelrid
Weight: 52 g/m

With the Swift Eco Dry 8.9 mm, EDELRID is setting new standards in innovative and sustainable ropemaking. The Swift Eco Dry is the world's first ever PFC-free rope that meets the UIAA Water Repellent standard. And with a diameter of only 8.9 mm, it is one of the thinnest single ropes on the market.

It is the perfect choice for avid sport climbers looking for minimal weight and diameter, as well as mountain guides and mountaineers looking for a rope suitable for all climbing disciplines on rock and ice. Thanks to the Eco Dry treatment, it absorbs virtually no water (Water absorption < 2 %, UIAA Dry Standard).

Eco Dry = 0% PFC + 100 % UIAA-Water-Repellent

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) ensure that outdoor equipment repels oil, grease and water. For this reason they are used to give outerwear or ropes their water-repellent finish. But the man-made chemicals are not naturally occurring in our environment and nevertheless came here to stay. Because the longer their chain of carbon atoms is, the longer they will remain in our environment.

Finding a real alternative to these harmful chemicals that is as highperforming and long lasting when it comes to the water- and dirt-repellent effect, is hard. In addition it is much more difficult to apply a water-repellent coating on a rope than on garments. Because it is the rope's three-dimensional body whose core and sheath yarns feature hollow spaces as well as its elongating characteristics that make the coating procedure more difficult. And: when climbing, we entrust our live to the rope. Thus, any chemical treatment used must guarantee the rope's functionality and durability. Our C0 coating completely fulfills these demands and gets very close to the high performance of the harmful PFCs.

It is also this coating making the new SWIFT ECO DRY the world's first 100 % PFC free rope that complies with the UIAA water-repellent standard absorbing only 1–2 % of the rope's own weight.

In addition it features almost the same performance characteristics as our PRO DRY Line ropes in terms of longevity and abrasion resistance as well as water- and dirt-repellency. Experience a brand new generation of ropes – with the SWIFT ECO DRY 8.9 mm!


Getting a new rope is a moment of excitement. Starting the climb right away is the only thing to do now. However, uncoiling a new rope can end up in a great mess with twists and kinks.

From now, this is a thing of the past with all EDELRID ropes! The new EDELRID 3D Lap Coil technique makes uncoiling the rope for the first time unnecessary. We extended our production site with a brand new lap coiling machine that specially winds up our ropes.

In combination with the thought-out design of the packaging provided with every EDELRID rope, it has now become super easy to instantly start your climb using your new rope: You do not have to do more than pulling it out! The marking on the rope as well as a detailed description on the packaging additionally ensure that you do things right and can use the full potential of the rope without annoying twisting and tangling.

Experience the new lap coil technique on video now:
3D Lapcoiling Kletterseile Edelrid Video
Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
Not suitable for working routes or top roping
Pro Dry for outstanding dirt and water resistance
Certified as a twin, double and single rope
Water absorption less than 2% as per UIAA Water Repellent Test
3D lap coiled so you can use it straight away, without kinking and tangling