The new original


The new original


A new design for a true legend

There are few products that are as representative of the EDELRID brand as the ULTRALIGHT helmet. With its striking egg shell, this helmet has reliably protected the heads of mountaineers and climbers against impacts and falling rocks since the 1980s. Originally developed as a mountaineering helmet for personal use, over the last few decades, it has established itself as the 'go-to' rental helmet thanks to its robust structure and ease of cleaning. This EDELRID classic has now been given a new, modern appearance for 2021.


Productnumber 72049  //  Weight 413 g  //  Head Size 54 - 60 cm  //  Certification EN 12492

Extremely robust & impact-resistant
Improved durability of all parts paired with easy replacement and repair possibilities

The unbreakable

New design, new features, still unbreakable!

The new ULTRALIGHT has a modern design, improved ventilation, and a new replaceable and washable head and chin strap. The extremly robust structure has been retained.

No Rivets

New attachment clips to connect the carrying system without rivets


New Foam

and improved fixation


carrying system


Anti-Mildew webbing

The webbing is coated with an anti bacterial coating that prevents any growth of mould.



Extensive features

Even at a glance, the new, modern design with its converging lines is truly striking. Customers can choose from a number of different colors. Multiple (1) air vents on the sides enable continuous air exchange and a pleasant environment for the head, even in warm ambient temperatures. No change has been made to the highly robust and (2) impact-resistant polypropylene outer shell. In combination with a partial inner shell made of foamed EPS and the (3) internal strap construction, this offers optimum cushioning properties. As such, the new version of the ULTRALIGHT is still the number one choice for all commercial enterprises like mountain schools and adventure parks.


Even with regard to the helmet's specific features, the focus was placed on the requirements in the rental sector. The padded strap system is fully adjustable, washable, and made from antibacterial webbing material. All attachable components, such as the (4) strap system, padding, and headlamp clips, can be easily replaced and are available as spares.


Product Individualization

Specially prepared areas on the helmet shell can be used to label the helmets in a customized fashion. EDELRID also offers customers the option of ordering helmets with logo stickers ex works.

Recognition creates trust! This effect can also be used
in everyday work life. When looking at a company as a brand, one of the first points of contact for most customers is the logo or contact with an employee.

A well-placed logo thus contributes significantly to
increase recognition value and brand awareness.

In order to achieve a high recognition value on the
outside, we offer an individualization of the helmets,
Serius and Ultralight. From an order quantity of 25 pieces, the two work safety models can be ordered pre-assembled by us. The stickers can also be delivered independently of the helmet order suitable for Serius and Ultralight.